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Multiflora Honey
The multiflora honey is a 100 percent pure as well as natural honey obtained from the nectars of different floral types. this honey is extracted from the multiple floral regions. 

Accacia Honey
Acacia honey is also referred as locust honey, which has a light, and transparent color. The honey is durable and has an amazing shelf life. This is effective in aiding the wounds and enhancing the beauty of the skin.

Saffron Honey
Saffron Honey is a type of honey that essentially stimulates the immunity of the body. Honey is rich in nutrients like vitamins, proteins, and minerals, which is when combined with saffron increases its antioxidant properties.

Ginger Honey
The ginger honey is very effective in treating the cold and cough problems. The pleasant zing of the honey relaxes the sore throat. The honey possesses anti-inflammatory and antiviral properties.

Cinnamon Honey
The cinnamon honey is very effective honey that boosts the immune system and protects from bacteria and infectious viruses. The honey has high number of antioxidants and anti-bacterial properties. 

Lemon Honey
The lemon honey is a unique combination of honey with the lemon that significantly helps in treating the digestive issues. The honey improves the digestion and leads in breaking down the food inside the body. 

Slim Honey
Slim honey is a distinct honey that is very effective in getting the weight loss benefits. The ingredients added are helpful in reducing the rigid calories and making the belly slim.

Sidr Honey/ Berry Honey/ Monofloral honey
The Sidr Honey/ Berry Honey/ Monofloral honey is very useful and beneficial for treating the skin problems. It helps in hydrating the dry skin and working to modify the uneven skin tone. This also heals cuts and wounds effectively.

neem capsule
The neem capsule is very helpful and effective medicinal product that can provide numerous benefits in an organic way. the capsule is made with the fresh leaves of the capsules. 

Amla Juice
The amla juice is prepared with the amla or gooseberries. The amla juice is very popular heathy drink that is advised to be consumed in a diluted form. The juice enhances the digestive and liver health.

Aloevera Juice
The Aloevera juice is a stuffed with antioxidants, useful in fighting against the free radicals. The juice is a rich source of vitamin C and helpful for treating or controlling the diabetes problems in a natural way.

Hand Sanitizer
Hand sanitizer is a chemical made with the use of some specific ingredients. It is used to wash the hands without the use of water, and it significantly kills pathogens present on our hand palms. 

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