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Multiflora Honey

We have brought the multiflora honey that is obtained from multiple floral regions. The nectar obtained or collected has the qualities of different floral types. The honey is enriched with anti-inflammatory properties, which make it an ideal choice for treating wounds, burns, swellings. The sore throat can be easily and effectively treated with the multiflora honey. The honey is 100 percent natural, and we ensure its purity. This is the natural remedy for treating the throat and cold symptoms. The honey with a rich floral taste and flavor is a healthy drink that also treats digestive issues.

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Multiflora Pollen Rich Honey

Price: 1500 INR/Piece

"1.100% natural ingredients 2.Combination of nectar from various flowers 3. Helps lower risk of heart disease & act as an immunity booster 4. Helps in aiding treatment of coughs, digestion, and respiratory diseases 5. Work as an antioxidant 6. Boost liver health 7. Reduce stress 8. Speed up healing"

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Whole Night Honey

Price: 3600 INR/Box

Whole Night Honey:contains 8 to 10 auyverdic herbs in such a balance that it increase your performance Ingredients:stawari,shilajeet, safed musli,saffron,moti pisti, jaihal,javitri,akarakra,tal makhana one pouch is for one time use with milk

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Multiflora Honey

Price: 60 INR
  • Delivery Time:1 Week
  • Supply Ability:500000 Per Month

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